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Our evening with Patricia and Cedric was absolutely delightful, beginning with their gracious welcome which made us feel immediately very much at home. The food was mouthwateringly fabulous and as a bonus we discovered shared interests in painting, cycling and hiking. Our conversation visited widely disparate subjects, including learning something of current Portuguese politics, all completely engaging and very easy: none of those awkward hiatuses which sometimes arise. With its intimate walled garden complete with tinkling water feature just outside, Patricia and Cedric's home provided a unique venue. A thoroughly enjoyable evening and one of the highlights of our visit to Lisboa: we left feeling we had made new friends and look forward to visiting again!
We had a lovely evening with Patricia and Cedric, and another couple. They are excellent hosts. Conversation is relaxed and easy. They are so warm and welcoming. It's like having dinner with friends. We enjoyed meeting the other couple as well. It really helped the evening flow. While Patricia and Cedric were preparing and serving we had an opportunity to get to know them. There is an abundance of food and they pour the wine generously. The dessert was absolutely delicious! Patricia sent us the recipe as well as a picture from our evening. Every detail was addressed. I have a seafood allergy and it was not an issue. There was so much food and lots of options.
We were warmly welcomed (with a kiss!) by Patricia and Cedric and taken through to their small but lovely garden. Another couple (from Canada) arrived a few minutes after us and we were then served a glass of Port whilst we got to know one another. We sat down for dinner in the garden and started with three different cheeses, a special type of jam and, of course, wine! My wife and I particularly enjoyed one of the cheeses - the "Queijo de Azeitao- Victor Fernandez - a very smelly but delicious soft cheese. Following this, we had a fried fish dish - also delicious followed by a vegetable soup. There was also barbequed sausages for the other couple as we didn't eat them. The main course was cod fish for my wife and a really nicely cooked (on the BBQ) steak for me with a tomato salad and roast potatoes. Dessert was some fresh fruit (melon, pineapple etc) and a special cake which looked and tasted like a chocolate cake but had, in fact, no chocolate in it. Rather, it consisted of figs and nuts. All this time, both Cedric and Patricia kept refilling our glasses with wine without being asked and rounded off the evening's alcohol consumption with a type of brandy. All in all, the meal was delicious, the company very pleasant and Cedric and Patricia outstanding hosts. They even walked with us to get our taxi after the dinner. HIGHLY recommend them to anyone wanting to try this experience. Thank you
That was the perfect dinner for me. Patricia & Cedric are so nice and they love it to have guest. Can I give more stars? :-) Very lovely and nice people. Next time again.

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