What hosts are saying about Lerato


Feb 14, 2018
A wonderful Sunday afternoon well spent! The Food tasted divine and the preparation and cooking part was very enjoyable. I went alone and met some lovely people! I look forward to sharing the recipes with friends and family (who by the way are already lining up for me to make at home after seeing photos I shared). Would highly recommend. Thank you again Lerato!
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Mar 13, 2017
The food is at Lerato image: warm & spicy. From the moment I stepped in Lerato welcomed me with a wide smile. Every minute of this supperclub was enjoyable. The food was full of flavour. As an African I loved the twist she brought to classic african dishes. The steamed black beans pudding was so light and tasteful my mouth is still watery at the thought of it. Even for a sugar phobic as me the chocolate was a delight. Just the great balance of sweet and bitterness. WAOUH. If you want to discover African cuisine or even if you are homesick as me Lerato supperclub is the place to go.
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Mar 13, 2017
Lerato's food is absolutely delicious, it's my first time trying African fusion and I loved it !!! Lerato is so generous she was giving seconds....a first for me in a Supper Club. The ambience was amazing, I talked to everyone around me and made some new friends :) Lerato is a gracious host and she took the time to meet and talk to everyone all throughout the day. The event started at 2pm and I reluctantly left at 7.30pm. I had a FANTASTIC time!!! Thank You Lerato!!!
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