The Floating Showroom

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May 3, 2016
An unusual location, an usual setting and an unusual menu sounded an ideal way to start the long week. Upon arrival we were greeted by a truly charming host who helped us forget the casual setting, the blocked toilets and the lack of shine of some of the glasses. Expectations took a first toll with the starters, a mountain of vegetarian spring rolls which taste proved as forgettable and as their appearance. 45 minutes later the main arrived on individual plates this time: another mountain, of overcooked and sticky basmati rice covered with spinach and spicy/jerky... meat substitutes. We swallowed it quickly partly because our drinks proved better alternatives, partly hoping to hasten to arrival of the redeeming vegan ice cream. Sadly the absence of freezer meant that the ice cream turned into banana fritters which batter and toffee spread proved so protective that the bananas ended up left untouched. Overall a night to remember, that made me realize how good-humoured, well mannered and forgiving my friends can be.
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Aug 29, 2015
Guaranteed fun friendly atmospheric evening with a difference. I highly recommend the full moon party experience for good and ambience. Enjoy! Xx
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