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Great breakfast on Saturday. Lovely people, great food.....such great food! Mmmm.
I had the Chilaquiles which had nice scrambled eggs and tasty pulled pork. The only issue I had was having to choose which course to order as all looked great :)
I've been planning to come to The Good Egg Brunch for weeks, finally found a window to come along and I was impressed with what I found. Set up in Cortado cafe, a nicely designed cosy space with delicious coffee, a busy team are cooking up a storm in the open kitchen giving the brunch an inclusive fun feel. I wanted everything on the menu which is always a good sign but eventually succumbed to their special of scrambled eggs with rhubarb, feta cheese and pomegranates. I feel eating something out of the ordinary should be done when eating out and this did indeed fit that bill. The look of the dish didn't strike me immediately but what perhaps it lacked in visual appeal it definitely made up for in flavour. Brunch has become main stream enough in London now that the same kind of dishes are starting to pop up so it was great to have something so unusual and delicious to boot. Having just been in LA, one of the homelands of brunching this definitely was definitely at the same level. All in all a friendly team, nice location, delicious food, well priced and tons of creative flair. Lovely!
Having seen the Good Egg pop-up detailed in one of the London papers we decided to book for two a 1pm brunch on Saturday. Managed to find the location okay having cycled down and on arrival the place looked nice and lively but sadly also very chaotic and it was not clear how things worked. Had to duck behind the counter and ask someone about our booking and we were directed to our table; things seemed to be getting back on track but there were no menus available or explanation what happened next (did we wait at our table to order, would someone be over in a minute or should I join the people queuing at the counter to order?). Deciding to join the queue, I waited for 5 minutes or so before getting frustrated and grabbing some who was delivering plates to tables to ask if I was following the right procedure! He informed me to take a seat back at our table and someone would indeed come over. Finally a reasonably pleasant and apologetic guy came with only one menu (despite there being two of us) and explained our first coffee was on the house due to the wait we had experienced; a nice gesture and the coffee was pretty darn good!! Looked at the menu, two brunch items and a daily special; ordered one burrito and one daily special only to be told the special had already sold out. One of each of the two available brunch items it was! The food arrived after a short wait and was okay in terms of portion size but at £8 each we both felt they were a little overpriced. Being as we actually ended up with a coffee and a brunch item for £8 we felt this was a little more reasonable but only just. It was quite tasty but very mild in terms of spicing despite ordering the burrito 'medium'. All finished we started packing our things and the place had a far calmer feel to it, seemed to be all under control and with only a few tables to deal with. A complete contrast to when we arrived! Despite this, we were not thanked for our custom or acknowledged in any way on leaving. We had been sitting in the middle of the cafe so it would have been hard to not see us get up and leave but there was nothing in the way of parting gesture which as a paying customer ultimately makes us feel like you do not care. Even a ‘goodbye, enjoy your day’ would help! Overall... chaotic, slightly overpriced food and seemingly no value placed on thanking people for making the effort to attend or for their custom. Would we go back… you can possibly guess the answer to that :(

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