What hosts are saying about Serina


Apr 7, 2017
The food and host fantastic but the organisation needed to be refined a little. Every course was interesting, different and flavourful. I would definitely go back tot he restaurant for food. However, the gin pairing had two weaknesses - 1. They weren't pairings. I only actually got my drink with my food for one course. 2. The infusions weren't really infused. Two of the gins lacked any flavour other than gin/tonic and one was medicinal and strange. The other, coriander infused, was amazing! I will be trying it at home. Service was slow. It looked like the whole team were fairly inexperienced and needed some clearer direction. Bringing out food was sporadic and some people were finishing their food before others even got theirs. I can't be sure if this was to do with the kitchen or the servers but it needed to be more efficient. Finally, the space was a little too small for the number of people. Everyone was a little squashed and there was certainly no room for the two latecomers. Overall, it was a good experience and I would try the same thing again were they to run it as I think they will have learnt a lot and use this to refine the experience.
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