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Apr 7, 2014
Way below par and terribly disappointing. Liv, the host, was warm and inviting but the food itself left one cold and wanting for more especially if one's used to eating much tastier Sri Lankan fare for a quarter of the price at small East Ham establishments. Service was late and terribly inadequate. The cook (Supun) took forever to dish things out... Some guests left before the main course could be served and some before the dessert, sensibly dodging the 3 hour wait to both that eventually turned out to be quite average affairs. Every dish from the starter to the main course to the dessert was served late and most of them were served cold as well (the vadas, the appams/hoppers and the garlic curry to name but a few) from a grubby kitchen. The welcome cocktail was bland and tasteless and proved to be unwelcome. The portions served were minuscule and terribly inadequate in direct contrast to South Asian hospitality that errs on the side of plenty. The chick peas starter was probably the only saving grace of the lot but it was too much to expect the humble chick pea to salvage an afternoon of gastronomic cooking cock-ups! My friend and I had to go back home and have another meal because this grub left us wanting! A rip-off at £16.50. Would not recommend this grub club. Skip this hopper that comes with a price sans the spice!
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Apr 7, 2014
I was extremely disappointed with the food, the ambience and the overall hospitality at the event which did not do any justice to the wonderful and vibrant Sri Lankan culture and cuisine . It was a warm welcome into the home by Liv, but there were a number of things that didn't work for me thereafter. Having eaten Sri Lankan food before, this was a poor showing in terms of quality - there was none of the real depth of flavour in any of what was presented. The food was also cold when it arrived, which was quite late - at least an hour and a half after we had arrived and had had our cocktail and starters. Hoppers are meant to be eaten piping hot and they were stone cold when they were served. Also, given the number of people to be served, it always felt like we were waiting for food. The portion sizes were very small - 2 hoppers a person followed by a little bowl of kotthu roti does not add up to a meal in South Asian culture. The dessert was also just alright, but something that I could pick up from any small South Asian sweet shop. An introduction at the beginning to the chef and the cuisine would have been good. The hygiene standards in the kitchen must also be improved significantly- it was a mess each time I walked through to get to the toilet. There was a house-cat that was also around and this was not to my liking. On the positive side, the table had been well laid out and the menu cards were written up sweetly. The lovely company and the lively conversation with the other guests was the saving grace for the afternoon.
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