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Nov 28, 2017
Great food, talented and welcoming cook/host and a beautiful ambiance. There was so much food, I was completely stuffed by the end of the starters, I had to stop myself from eating to save room for the main dish which was Ottoman style slow cooked lamb followed by an amazing desert, definitely the best milk pudding I've tasted...
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Nov 27, 2017
I really enjoyed the whole experience. The food was not at all the typical Turkish menu you would find in the restaurants. My favorite dish was the unusual but surprisingly tasty Circassian Chicken which is shredded chicken with walnuts sauce. Milk pudding with rose water & vanilla is unforgetable.
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Nov 22, 2017
I hadn’t set my expectations, this was something that my Wife wanted to try. Maybe this is the reason why it turned out to be a wonderfully unforgettable evening. The food was exceptionally good. The dishes were based on old Ottoman recipes and you couldn’t fault the execution of the dishes. There were a number of courses, each incrementally surpassing the last and culminating with a dessert to die for. This was all wholesome food, none of your amuse-bouche, so if you arrive hungry and you’ll leave happy. The venue was very cozy, a café which was operating out of normal business hours. This made it feel a lot more like an intimate private gathering than the customary busy restaurant. The company was very good and we meet some lovely people, each of whom completed the experience. The service was attentive and there was a small collection of vinyl LP’s that they were happy for us to select. Each we manually loaded they were the perfect background for the evenings conversation; or at one-point raucous laugher, after inadvertently loading matching brass bands. I wish that I had had the foresight to have invited a group of close friends, as this would have been a perfect evening to share with them. It would have also saved on the washing up.
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Nov 21, 2017
This was a truly outstanding meal! I was intrigued by the concept of ancient recipes being revived and the experience surpassed my expectations- it was like stepping back in time and discovering new and surprising flavours. There were so many inviting dishes and each was very different yet in harmony with the whole. The main was a wonderful lamb stew with apricots and raisins that delighted us all, but each dish was a discovery. Ingredients were combined in unexpected ways and cooked with such care that we truly felt privileged to try something so unique. The atmosphere was relaxed and the venue elegant and cosy, with a vinyl records turntable in the background which was a very nice touch. This was a lovely dining experience that I will definitely recommend to friends. I already look forward to the next one!
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