What hosts are saying about Slap Ya

What a great evening, the whole thing felt like a debauched revel and we were all encouraged to let our hair down. Awesome. Thanks.
best damn night of my life, every corner a new surprise, rocking blues band and soul singing waitresses, mountains of delicious food, booze and great service. I was lucky enough to enjoy my birthday at this event, and I highly recommend it for any other special occasion. If there's tickets buy them now. Thank you slap yo papa team for an unforgettable night! Xxxx
This event was quality all around--the service, food, fun, performances, everything. We had a fantastic time and would highly recommend!!
The idea is wonderful - and the ambience, theatrics and organisers/staff were all absolutely brilliant - as well as the music. Unfortunately there wasn't enough food for our table to share, with quite a few people on our table going without turkey and dessert, which was such a shame as that was one of the main parts. The advertised menu is not entirely accurate, and the only booze included in the ticket price is a shot of whiskey. We thought there would be at least a couple of cocktails thrown in. That said - we all had a fab time dancing and meeting people. It was just the food that was a bit of a let down.