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Feb 13, 2014
First off, thank you Yelp for inviting me to this event where I seem to have battled against at least 150 other people who also wanted to go! I especially wanted to try this place as it is Chinese cuisine and I thought I could offer some insights in any differences between these dishes here and the dish I had envisioned in my head! Let's talk about the location first. This is located on the 2nd floor of The Bethnal Green Workingmen's Club, about a 10 minute walk from Bethnal Green station. The entrance was slightly elusive but we got there in the end, and it was pretty helpful that the guy at the door instantly asked us whether we were here for Wong's Diner! yessir, we are! Entering the diner room itself, it was quite homely with dimmed lighting, with a bar and kitchen immediately to the left, and two long tables forming an L shape in front of you. There were good touches to the Chinese theme, such as Stephen Chow movies being shown on the projector in the background, Chinese red envelopes on the wall (since Chinese New Year has just gone by!), Chinese teas stacked at the front of the bar and more! It was slightly baffling that there were posters of the human anatomy inside the diner and also outside of it, but perhaps this came with the building and was not the usual decor? Firstly, the drinks. The more exotic ingredients of lychee, plum wine, home spiced whiskey and lapsang souchong infused tequila were available. I ordered the Death By Plum and thought it an interesting attempt but did not like Plum Wine being diluted by soda water. All the plum wine eventually sunk to the bottom, perhaps I waited too long to drink this? The food. Turnip cake with Chinese Cured Bacon & Shrimp. This is an interesting westernised product. Usually turnip cakes would have Chinese sausage in it. The consistency of the cake is good, not too flakey and not too hard in texture, although personally I would have preferred it to be left in the oil for a little long for a crunchier texture on the outside. It came with lettuce and mayonnaise, like I said, it has been infused with Western cuisine. Wong's Wings How do we eat chicken wings which were very sticky in a ladylike manner? With great difficultly! Wet napkins would have been well received here but alas, we had paper napkins. The sauce was amazing. A lot of sugar in oyster/soy sauce but the twang came from the dash of vinegar that also went into the chicken wing sauce. The side of my chicken wings were a little overcooked but I was hungry so it disappeared as quickly and as ladylike as I could manage. Piggy Ribs Some of my ribs were cooked for longer than optimal making the meat too tough and dry but most were cooked just right to give you a soft delicate meat on the bone. I felt that this dish was nowhere near as spicy as they make it in China. I remember eating Szechuan dishes and it would be super salty and super chilly so this is mild in comparison. I think it was a compromise that the owners had to make as it seemed a lot of people thought it was too spicy already, all I can say is, I would have been happy with more spice, and my companion thought the same! Garlic Pak Choi I love garlic veg and this was no exception. Perhaps take it out of the wok a little bit earlier to retain the tenderness of the pak choi and give me a bigger topping of garlic please! Sesame Rice I was interested in the colour of the rice, it was a mushroomy colour and I wonder whether this colour came from the sesame? Black sesame maybe? It was really nice rice, thumbs up. Pandan Cake I saw the evaporated milk first and thought, hang on, I have never seen this served with Pandan Cake before! Fortunately, my companion is Malaysian, this dessert is Malaysian, and he assured me that yes, pandan cake gets served with milk, but usually condensed milk and he usually just eats it without the condensed milk as it gets a bit too sweet. I have only eaten pandan cake dry and I can happily say that, yes, dipping it in evaporated milk makes it so moist and tasty! The cake was soft and fluffy, just like it should be! 5 stars for the dessert. The waiters tried very hard but I found it too strange that they kept missing people whenever they brought out a dish, which made a few guests unhappy until they had to point out that they were not served. Overall, it was a good experience for my first time at a supper club. Perhaps a suggestion to Melissa and Oli, speak with us more before/during/after the meal, don't be shy as I really wanted to ask you about your food and experiences but didn't want to seem overbearing! My impression of a supper club was that you would interact with the host and it would be more like a homely dinner between friends rather than just a trading business!
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