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THE CHEF WITH A MISSION Chef Rex has made it his mission to pioneer and popularise Filipino cuisine in the UK since 2014. He established his following, by running a series of successful popup restaurants to show case his interpretation of Filipino cuisine. ​ In 2016, the British born Filipino chef, embarked on a 3 month culinary research expedition to the Philippines to gain an insight into the many regional specialties that the Philippines has to offer and to share that knowledge back home in the UK. ​ The ambitious chef and aspiring entrepreneur now continues to popularise the cuisine through his cooking channel as seen on Youtube and most recently, through his street food business; 'TURO TURO' which specializes in Filipino barbecue and street food. Chef Rex also competed in the 'British Street Food Awards' in 2019, winning the title of "Southern Champion" in the regional heats and then competing in the National Finals to win 'Best Vegetarian Dish' in the UK.

What to expect at Rex's place

SarahOctober 2021
Really delicious! We enjoyed every bite of the varied meal with it’s unique Filipino flavours and my 82 year old Filipina friend, who is herself a great cook, gave it a big thumbs up. We had a great time and would highly recommended. Well done, Rex!
JudithOctober 2021
Food was amazing. I don't have a sweet tooth so the fact that I loved the dessert speaks volumes! My favourite was the aubergine and tomato salad- sounds simple but such complex flavours. Many thanks Rex. The atmosphere lower score was the pub setting rather than your own style.
Eatwith UserAugust 2021
My husband's review of his vegetarian meal was just ok. I am Filipino and I cook my own Filipino food. I also have tried and ate at other Filipino restaurants in London andin Los Angeles, Cali. I also used to work for a take a way Filipino shop in LA called Toto's Lechon Manok. Here's my review of the five dishes: - Chicken Skin Chicharon was ok for me. It wasn't that special to me since I've had better chicken skin chicharon from LA. - Charred Aubergine & Heritage Tomato salad was great and very tasty! I love the flavor of that salad. I'd go easy on the salad dressing next time, it's was too much for me. - Ginger & Bagoong (shrimp paste) Fried Chicken was good and tasty too! I need to try some more of that next time to fully appreciate it more! - Prawn & Pork Pancit (noodles) Palabok - I love Pancit Palabok! Whenever I'd come back to Manila every few years, I'd go to Jollibee fastfood just to get my palabok (quick fix for my cravings). Rex's palabok I'd say was just ok, nothing special about it. - Lecheflan & Calamansi (dessert) - I make my own leche flan at home from time to time when I'm craving. Mine would be smooth, dense and creamy (not too sweet though). Rex's lecheflan was a let down for me. It was somewhat burnt and dry. The calamansi (citrus) sorbet I find very sour and for me, I didn't find that a good partner with the dessert. Lecheflan alone is a really tasty dessert and I think it should be served alone (smooth, dense and creamy). I'd still check out Rex's future Filipino pop ups to give my support! Keep it up, Rex! Keep cooking and exploring :-)
StephanieAugust 2021
The food was delicious, I just wish there was more of the 2nd and 3rd course because they were INCREDIBLE. Really good value for money, my boyfriend and I loved it!