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Feb 15, 2016
Lovely food...ate too much!
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Nov 17, 2014
This was badly orchestrated. I was the only one who showed up. I had just finished an exam, so I was hoping to socialise, meet new people and relax, but since I was the only one who showed up, this didn't end up happening. When I arrived, I saw that the bar sells the pizzas. So it seems like it was a restaurant, just trying to run a grub club. The price they charge for the grub club is more than double the actual price they sell in the pub. And the pizzas are pretty filling, so you can really only eat 1 or 1.5 per person, which means I could have shown up on another (less rainy night) night, ordered a savory pizza and a dessert one for almost £5 less. I know the evening was only £15, so relatively inexpensive, but as I could have gone away for much less had I just shown up and ordered a pizza, the only other factor that would have made it worth the extra £4-£8 (depending on how hungry you are), is the social factor, which was missing. The food was ok. The salmon pizza was good. I think by the time I tried to eat the veggie one, I must've been full. I'm sure the event is better when there are more people, but since I didn't benefit from the social aspect, and the food was overpriced, and the hosts didn't have the courtesy to tell me that I was the only one that showed up (for example, cancel the grubclub or offer me the chance to go to an alternative one?), I give it a low rating.
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Nov 3, 2014
Good, interesting food in a good, interesting bar. Good happy hour specials, interesting cocktails, friendly staff. Good stuff.
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Oct 31, 2014
All the savoury options are delicious, a personal favourite was the pulled pork one. But you must leave some room for the nutella dessert tarte!
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