What hosts are saying about Leonardo


Oct 30, 2016
It was my first supper club, and I am so happy I decided to go! I had a really great time! The home was decorated for Halloween, which was really nice. Leo and Stefano are wonderful hosts, and made us all feel welcome. The food was fantastic - being Italian, I was looking forward to an evening of home-cooked food, and I was not disappointed! Everything was delicious, and presentation was really nice. The atmosphere was lovely, it was great to get to meet many different and interesting people in such a lovely setting. I would go again!
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Oct 10, 2016
These two are the sweetest! They present amazing food in a cosy, very informal setting. Great experience to meet new people while enjoying really good food. Would definately recommend it!!!
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Jul 27, 2016
I wasn't sure what to do for dinner during a recent weekend trip to London (I'm an American and I was traveling alone), so I googled supper clubs in the city. There were only two available for the weekend I was in town, and I opted for Stairway to Heaven's Kitchen due to their incredible reviews. When I arrived, I thought for sure I had the wrong address. I knocked on the door anyway and, to my surprise, was greeted by Leo, who showed me to the table they had set up where five other guests were already waiting (Stefano, the Michelin-trained chef, was busy in the kitchen preparing the meal). I'm not sure I've ever been greeted so warmly by a table of even my closest friends and family, and the six guests who arrived after me were equally as pleasant. I ended up being the only non-UK resident at the table but didn't feel out of place at all. Over the next four hours, which seemed to fly by, Leo continued to serve delectable courses while mingling with all of the guests who were seated at the table deep in conversations ranging from travel to business to politics. Finally, both Leo and Stefano joined us and we got a chance to hear their story and share a drink with them. At the end of the night, after a few guests bid their goodbyes, eight of us went to a Tequila bar for a nightcap (or ten). It was all around one of the best nights I have had in a long time, and all with people I had never met before. The food, the atmosphere, the company and the experience were marvelous. I can't decide if I should continue to be adventurous and try a new supper club during my next visit or return to Stairway to Heaven, where I'm sure to be treated like family while being served a meal that is so amazing that it would be hard to find a comparable one in a five star restaurant.
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Jul 25, 2016
What is truly remarkable is the quality of dining experience that the duo produce from such limited facilities - think Racheal Khoo and her Little Parisian Kitchen, but without the cachet – well we are talking an LA, inevitably compact, property just off the Old Kent Road. 12 of us squeezed around a table, which dominated the lounge, made for an intimate setting. So a big HURRAH for such well chosen quests :-). The food was to a high standard, but sadly the published menu was a tad misleading - “cherries cooked in balsamic vinegar” is simply not the same as “cherries with balsamic vinegar”, but nonetheless enjoyable. Service was inevitably drawn out which left plenty of time for our principle raconteurs to get into their stride. So a good time was had by all, and it was a fitting introduction for the majority of guests, who had never been to a Grub Club event before, to experience the food and the fun that such events provide."
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