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Apr 29, 2015
I am very sorry to say that this experience does not even deserve a star. The organisers had a lot of people to deal with, they seemed really nice and energetic but oh boy what a disaster! This was probably the first time for the chef too. There was no checks at the entrance, and it felt some people had just texted their friends to come for a free meal. There was a 1 hour lag between each course (no kidding!) and the food was terrible! They even forgot to hand some people their dessert. It was semi-outside and cold. They ran out of wine after an hour. There were not enough chairs. I feel for them because it must have been hard to organise it. Utter failure. The only good thing was the music - DJs were really good. I am not sure I will try Grub Club again - only if friends recommend a specific night/experience. Waste of money!
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Apr 29, 2015
For our first Grub Club Event, a group of 6 of us descended on the B-eats Canteen Pop-Up with hope and expectation after reading the menu and looking forward to an evening of mingling, good music and great food. We were to be sorely disappointed. The event started over an hour late and whilst the free drink was appreciated, we were all quite ravenous. The live music and DJ's were perfectly acceptable, but we'd come for the food! First course (Risotto) came out at 8:45 and was basically sticky, cheesy rice with some jam - served cold. Note really what we were expecting, so we thought let's drink some more, as the crew were struggling to get the heaters to work and wait for course 2. Course 2 (Ham, Eggs and chips) - A cold (luke-warm at best), tiny, portion of bubble & squeak, containing chunks of completely raw cabbage with some ham and hollandaise source. No veggie option available either, for which was compensated by another free drink (although they had run out of white wine by this point). Course 3 - Lasagne: actually the duck lasagne actually proved to be the food highlight of the evening (hence the 1* for food), decent portion of warm, edible pasta (vegetarian version not so good). Course 4 (fish and chips): This was now getting on for about 10:45 and the fish and was not good - portion was tiny, slippery and badly cooked. Chips and sauces (curry, peas) were fine, but bored of carbs by this point and by now rather tipsy. Course 5: dunno - it was past 11pm and dessert hadn't been served and we didn't stick around to find out. Overall it had the makings of a great evening but was poorly executed. Think they were over-ambitious in terms of menu and number of guests they had to serve. To begin over an hour late, to have no napkins, toilet paper lacking in one toilet with no hand drying facilities and lack of veggie options is unacceptable. Whilst we all had a good time, this wasn't really down to the venue or event itself but as a catch up for a friend's birthday. The white wine was quite nice and the ambience gets a 2* possibly as a result of the booze and DJ.
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