What hosts are saying about Christabel

Feb 28, 2015
It was a fun experience and the hostess was fantastic. Christabel was really interested in our feedback and the food we had was really nice and very unusual but there was not a great deal of it (we are not big eaters fortunately so we were fine). I suggested that she include scones next time which are a British tea staple and very filling.
Feb 6, 2015
Christabel Beeson is a human version of Barbie: she can cook, paint, and host 20+ people flawlessly—oh, and she has beautiful pearly whites and golden locks. Her creative spunk and attention to detail are what make her pop-up’s interesting, quirky, fun, hands-on and an experience, rather than just any meal in someone’s home. We were welcomed inside with a glass of bubbly and purple popcorn before making our way into the dining room and kitchen, decorated beautifully with childhood toys, legos and of course glitter. So how are Christabel’s cooking skills? -Winter Bubbly: beautiful with a fresh touch of pomegranate! -Purple Popcorn: kettle corn with glitter, my lips shimmered the rest of the evening. -Snake & Ladders Bruschetta (cheese with chilli honey): the two different cheeses made for a fun contrast of taste. The honey was interesting as it added a particular zing. Jaime and I struggled to decide whether or not we should use our American hands or stick to the European knife and fork etiquette. -Build your own Quinoa Castle with Purple Eggs & Peppers: we were given buckets, shovels and rakes and told to design the best quinoa castle, the winner taking a prize home! Let’s just say I was too busy gobbling up the warmed quinoa and blue almonds to build. -Paint your own Chicken (with chilli sauce): we were given paint brushes to dip into the bucket of chilli sauce. The chicken was delicious, slathered in a semi-sweet jus and topped with an added layer of chilli sauce, it was the perfect ratio of sweet to spicy. Tender, juicy, different. -Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Ganache Lego with Shortbread Jenga: this was the ultimate winner. The mousse was so light and airy, like a chocolate cloud. Bits of gingerbread touched the bottom of the glass bowl. The shortbread could have been slightly sweeter, but dipped well into the mousse. The lego chocolate—woowee! I loved it. Dark yet so sugary and rich, dare I say one lego was just enough. FINAL VERDICT: if you’re looking for quirky, an excuse to escape the real world, and a way to meet new people, pop on by.
Aug 14, 2014
We attended Christabel's on a hot summer's evening and it was great to have a pre-dinner drink on the balcony taking in the views of London and the canal. The food was good albeit a little pricey for what you got and we had good company.
Aug 14, 2014
The flat was so beautifully decorated and had an amazing view over the canal. It was great to meet such a nice group of people there and the food was delicious so thanks for a lovely evening. I would thoroughly recommend supperclubs to anyone!