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Aug 24, 2013
Unfortunately my experienced was doomed from the start, as due to not printing the confirmation email ( which i was not informed I had to do), I had to stand outside for 10 mins as I trifled through my saturated inbox to find the mail before i was allowed to go in. Please make this clearer next time as i assumed you simply had a guest list! On arrival however my spirits lifted as i came to see the rooftop of which seemed quite 'buzzy' and 'alive', I then proceeded to the bar to buy my £7 Jamaican Cocktail which turned out to be nothing more than a weak sickly concoction I would expect to find at an 18 year olds birthday party. My guests and I then took to our table, which rested against a horrible mesh guard, which both ruined any views and made us feel a little claustrophobic. We were then served by our 'delightful' (i hope you can hear the sarcasm in my voice) waitress, who had the face of what do they call it 'a smacked arse' and of whom came across both brash and rude. We ordered our starters of which combined we had The Corn, The Chicken and The Halloumi, All of which were terribly bland, very easily made and had nothing at all special about them, we all agreed we needed some kind of sauce to add some flavour. The main courses were even worse, with two of us choosing the casserole dish and two opting for the jerk chicken. The casserole dish had no flavour whatsoever and I was literally struggling to swallow it down, the so called chips were horribly dry and difficult to digest, the only thing I think I enjoyed was the pineapple. The Jerk chicken I am told was equally as bad with one of my guests stating that 'this is the worst food I have had in a very long time'. After finishing/leaving most of our food we were briskly moved on as apparently someone needed our table even though there were only supposed be 25 spaces available, and we were at the 8 o clock booking which was the last seating available! We decided to go out on the outside terrace (more like a glorified chicken coup) so we could finish our drinks, a member of staff then rudely removed our glasses (of which we hadn't even finished) from a very thick ledge, which was fair enough i suppose taking health and safety in to account, but please A- get a sense of humour,B- ask whether a guest has finished their drinks before removing them and C- I would recommend that the member of staff in question visit a hair salon asap to sort out that hideous barnet! We then left, wishing we had never spent our precious pennies on this awful food event. The conclusion of the story therefore being that we should have taken the title of the event 'White men Can't Jerk' quite literally and steered well clear!
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Apr 15, 2013
These guys rock. The food was amazing and they make awesome cocktails, which are not only delicious but are creative. They've taken the time to think about the food and then create cocktails that specifically match the food. The spices of the amazing hand-pounded chicken are beautifully complemented by the sweet and smoky cocktails full of exotic fruit and smoked spices. It was incredible! And to compound it, not only is the booze and food delicious and unpretentious but the atmosphere is also great. I went there alone but managed to meet lots of people there and made lots of new friends! Will definitely go again
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