What hosts are saying about Jennifer


Mar 27, 2018
Sublime!!! The food was absolutely delicious. Fantastic flavours and really fun way to bond and interact with other guests. Had a lot of fun. Would go again.
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Mar 26, 2018
My oh my where do I start... I'm still thinking about that addictive sauce. Im dribbling just thinking about it. If you are a fan of seafood , mussels , prawns , crab sweetcorn plus more with a fusion of secret tasty Asian seasoning and spices. You just can't go wrong . I had some fries to share - I felt a bit guilty because I ate it all, I couldn't stop dipping it in the sauce #sozbutnotsoz The whole idea of no knife and fork , just eating with your hands. You will love it if you like to get down and dirty. But if you're bit of clean freak don't worry , they offer you a full on hands and body protection. To finish off with a pecan pie topped with that yummy custard. And that crunchy sweetness. Was just a mouth orgasm. Overall when you feel a bit like a very happy satisfied fat bastard at the end. It deserves a 5 star. And not to forget the Venue was a charm. If you like that whole vintage, wood, chalk wall shabby chic vibe.
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Mar 24, 2018
Tasty seafood and delicious pecan pie. Had a lovely time:)
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