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May 26, 2015
I have been to previous "pop up" events where Tim Anderson was the chef and those were more enjoyable because of the open kitchen and chance to interact (briefly) with the chef(s) involved. This was more of a standard restaurant atmosphere. The food was very good.
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Apr 29, 2015
The food was pretty underwhelming to be quite honest. I was expecting more from a Masterchef winner but it wasn't that great at all. The 'nibbles' was ok but it was so simple it was impossible to get wrong really. The starter was a shared bowl of mussels which I didn't expect, I don't expect to share a starter when I've paid £30 for a '4 course' meal. The main dish, the ramen was very lame, it was basically just a very average goat curry with only 4 pieces of meat in and served with some cold noodles, it must've taken about 15 mins to make. My partner had to have a completely separate dish as they had failed to notice on booking that I had stipulated she was allergic to prawn - for the record the menu never specified the curry had prawn in it as an ingredient and there weren't actually any prawns in the dish itself so I hope nobody else has the same allergy! Dessert was probably the best dish of the lot. Service was friendly and ok, although they gave us a flat plate to eat mussels from and a small bowl each would have been better. The whole experience put me off buying Tim’s book unfortunately because the food just didn’t do itself any justice. Shame really as I love Japanese and Caribbean food, there probably my two favourites so I had been really looking forward to this beforehand.
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Apr 29, 2015
Was a bit wary of the menu - tofu, goat curry! But it was all absolutely delicious and more so for being challenging and exceeding expectations in spades . That Tim Anderson can cook! Yum scrum! Will have to get the Nanban book now.
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Apr 22, 2015
We had such a wonderful evening. I thought the food was excellent! The staff at United Ramen were very helpful and informative and Tim Anderson was kind enough to sign his cookbook and give us some tips, which just ended the night so perfectly. If only it didn't have to end! :)
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