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ManfredFebruary 2019
Whether you are familiar with raw/plant-based food or not, this is the perfect way to indulge in an original, more-than-healthy and delicious meal. 🌱 It is an absolute joy to experience first-hand how these unique and nutritiously dense foods are meticulously crafted. 🥗 From the quality of the food, to the cozy setting of Rich & Francesca’s home, to the excellent company of like-minded people that you’ll meet, this is an absolute gem of an evening. 🙌🏼 Thanks! Can’t wait for the next one!
AlexanderJanuary 2019
Simply put, it's generally not too hard to cook a nice meal and serve it to people - doubtless there are many people on here doing that, and doing it well. But what Richard and Francesca did goes beyond that; this was food that didn't only tick the requisite box of tasting delicious (that should be the *minimum* requirement, and should go without saying) - it was also a meal that displayed huge flair and technical skill, the likes of which would grace any top restaurant you'd care to mention. It wasn't something your average, or even excellent home cook could readily replicate. Such attributes are clearly particularly important with raw vegan cuisine, since its restrictions of course make it harder to create something satisfying and accessible than with normal food. On that front, the best recommendation I can make here is that the dishes served were as enjoyable and satisfying (if not more) than their non-raw equivalents you'd get in an Italian restaurant. (and bear in mind I am the biggest meat eater you'll encounter; not a vegan by any stretch and thus not predisposed to favouring this kind of stuff) That, combined with great ambience and company, makes it hard for me to imagine a much more worthwhile experience on this platform than this.

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