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What hosts are saying about Clair

HayaDecember 2019
That night was amaazing! The place is so warm & close to the heart.. the food was DELICIOUS! Oh my the last pumpkin from Clair’s Garden was so delicious, the warm tea that she grew picked & dried.. Clair & Ade were very welcoming helping & generous, Clair gave us home made jam from her graden’s plum too. A must try in london!!!
AzusaOctober 2019
Clair gave me warm welcome by nice meals with fresh vegetables which grown in her garden. Chatting with her and her friend makes me feel like visiting old friends.
BaiyanDecember 2018
东道主Clair 非常热情好客,不仅为我们准备了很有当地特色的三道式圣诞大餐,还跟我们聊了很多,比如圣诞期间旅行的注意事项尤其是交通问题,英国是怎么"过年"的等等。另外还有一位英国留学生和她的妈妈一起参与,大家在一起交流特别热闹和开心。在精心装扮的圣诞树边听着美妙的音乐就餐,真是非常难忘的一个圣诞了~要是天气好的话,还能在Clair亲手打造的有机小植物园里就餐,也非常值得期待呢~~
RichardAugust 2018
Clair and Addy were amazing hosts and treated us like friends from the start. They both have infectious laughs and plenty of funny stories. Clair is super passionate about her garden and really instills her love of horticulture in her guests. We were very lucky to have another really nice guest who came too, it was an excellent few hours overall!

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