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I am just a real foodie and the only thing I love more than good food are people to share it with. Whether it is hospitality, entertaining, cooking, organizing, or just experiential living in Southern California, I LOVE sharing it all and I have MUCH to share. I have lived in SoCal for almost 30 years, and have a beautiful home space in which to entertain visitors who are CA tourists, families bound for Disneyland, or just locals who are looking for something different than routine restaurant fare. I can tailor any meal to your personal preference from full service, formal dining room to hands-on cooking classes, casual al fresco dining on my garden patio, to family Disney orientation meals before your trip to The Happiest Place on Earth! It's all about experiential dining and enjoying all that beautiful Southern California has to offer. And I'm happy to share all I have! Much of it I love to prepare and serve at home, but I also love recommending great LOCAL places to go and enjoy!
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