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Born in Greece and raised by a strawberry farmer I always had a sweet tooth and I learned the farm to table mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine. An archaeologist by profession I researched ancient Greek recipes and developed a big love for creating new gastronomic sweet experiences. I discovered that indulging in desserts can be guilt free and healthy and I love sharing these rawsome delicious treats with friends, family and food enthusiasts at our cozy house in Somerville.
Languages: English, Greek

What to expect at Katerina's place

GrigoriosOctober 2018
I enjoy desserts but do not fancy ingesting a ton of refined sugar and dairy full of antibiotics. I was skeptical when Katerina committed to create healthy and delicious desserts (disclosure I am her spouse). I have watched the iterations up to her EatWith event and I can say she has mastered it with her vegan cheesecakes. I love the lavender one paired with lavender infused herbal tea. My colleagues at work loved them too and still wonder how is this possible without using any sugar, cheese and should try it for yourself!
OlgaOctober 2018
Katerina is a caring and warm hostess and made the experience relaxing and enjoyable! Being allergic to dairy, I was excited to try the dairy-free cheesecakes and I was absolutely blown away by the delicious lavender, blueberry, and chocolate flavors. The tea pairings were very thoughtfully chosen for their matching aromas; the smoked tea was the best! It was such a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I'm looking forward to booking again in the future.
KevinOctober 2018
Katerina made three excellent "cheese" cakes for us to try! When I walked in, she was immediately warm and invited us in - she is not just an excellent cook, but a wonderful host! My favorite part of the experience were the different teas, but the conversations we had absolutely blew my mind. Please book with Katerina! You won't regret it!