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Feb 24, 2019
It was amazing! We started by going to the farmer's market to pick out fresh produce for our meal. The menu itself was varied and challenging so it was a great learning experience - but not so hard that we couldn't accomplish it. In total, the event was about 5 hours, so definitely worth the cost. If you're not sure - sign up!
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Jan 27, 2019
The meal was wonderful! Chatting at the CSA in the morning was a great way to initially connect, and chatting while prepping and enjoying the meal with Ainsley, John, and the other guest in her lovely home was a terrific way to spend an evening. I'm looking forward to trying out her smoked ribs technique myself and to seeing her around the neighborhood!
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Jan 27, 2019
Excellent food, atmosphere, and company! This was a delightful experience.
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