What hosts are saying about Shira & Ben

TunniOctober 2019
spectacular food and a truly inspiring couple, it was art, infact never experienced a meal like it ever before.
ephraimOctober 2019
This was an absolutely phenomenal evening! Shira is a genius in the kitchen - my personal favorite was a dish with quail egg and some sort of amazing pepper sauce. Along the way we drank Mezcal, and had a blast. The atmosphere was super relaxed and fun, which is how I like it. Nothing formal and stuffy, just great food and great people. I'll definitely go back!
SafiraOctober 2019
The atmosphere, the hosts, the FOOOOOOD! It might have been the best food I have ever had. Ever. This is a magical place. Shiras cooking is art and Bens hosting is full of heart and warmth. If you like magical spaces and the highest quality food with creativity and love poured into it, this is an experience you want. Basically, if you are lucky enough to find this place, go!

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