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Coffee is my obsession. I even dream about it. I started my coffee roasting journey when I started to hand roast coffee in my wok at home for Holiday gifts. My brother in law gifted me a coffee roasting machine and I was hooked. I don't just serve your average cup of coffee. I seek specialty beans to share with others from around the World. I seek out unique flavor profiles from all over the globe so that I can bring it to every tasting I provide. I personally cup and rate all my small hand batches. I am founder and roaster of Nano Cup Coffee and an active member of the Home Roasting Association. I have lived in Hayes Valley almost a decade. I have lived in San Francisco 24 years. I have a deep passion for roasting coffee and create the most amazing fresh coffee you will ever taste. I want to share my knowledge of coffee and let people experience the fresh taste of coffee roasted within 24 hours. I put a lot of love in my coffee and you will taste it in your cup.
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