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I love travelling and discovering. Travelling is like breathing for me. When coming home, always planning the next trip! When not travelling, keen to meet people from other countries which makes me feel like travelling. I try to be environmentally friendly, consume locally. Appreciate quality not quantity in all senses. Curious about unknown and open to learn about different. Learning to introduce minimalism approach at home. My general life philosophies: 'Expect nothing, appreciate everything. Be the kind of person you want to meet. Less is more.'

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MercèJune 2019
It was a wonderful experience! Evita is a delightful person and cooks very well. We felt really welcomed in her apartment, with high-quality comfort food.
ChristineJune 2019
Wonderful experience dining at Evita’s home. It made me feel like I had a friend in Riga and gave me an authentic view inside the cuisine and culture of Latvia. Everything was delicious and unusual, yet familiar as Americans would say “comfort food”. I loved the cold soup (beetroot and kefir) and the chanterelles and potatoes with a light salad. Dessert was delicious although I barely had room in my stomach! Evita poured us local beers with cheeses too. Everything was locally sourced. I was glad to learn about the country while supporting locals.
HeitorJune 2019
It was a great experience to meet Evita and taste the delicious Latvian dishes she prepared. She made it so that I enjoyed some kinds of food I was not used to eating and some that were entirely new to me. Besides she had a great idea in making a picnic at a beautiful Riga park after I told her I was a wheelchair user, which certainly added to the experience!
JamesJune 2019
Evita welcomed us into her home and created a wonderful dining experience for my friend and I during our visit to Riga, Latvia. She prepared some authentic Latvian items from the central market like a local cheese and meat board, delicious rye bread, homemade fresh pickles and a local favorite - rye garlic bread sticks. She served a delicious cold beet soup, and some yummy potato pancakes, along with a very traditional rye bread and blackberry jam whipped cream dessert. She also offered us some local craft beers and sparkling sodas to try. The best part was engaging in conversation about the history and culture of Latvia and discussing all of the different foods to explore and try during our visit. This experience was truly a highlight of our trip to the Baltics and I recommend it highly. Thanks Evita!!!