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AlexAugust 2019
I was staying in Paris for two weeks on my own and wanted to meet some cool people. I chose Hadar’s dinner largely because of the title. She told me she hadn’t had enough sign-ups for the date I requested and might not be able to accommodate me at this time. I told her I understood, and asked her to let me know how to get my card refunded. When she found out that I was traveling alone and that my card had already been charged, she insisted that the dinner would go on as planned! She went out of her way to round up a few of her friends and prepare a beautiful multi-course meal for basically one Eatwith guest. I felt quite special (and a little guilty)! She started off the evening with a fresh and not-too-sweet gin, cucumber and basil cocktail creation which matched the weather perfectly. After we sat down and conversations were underway, she proceeded to serve an absolutely stunning vegetarian dinner (by my request) consisting of several styles of bruschetta, a summer salad featuring citrus and fresh peach, and hand-made gnocchi with a mushroom and cream sauce that had a perfect texture and was not too heavy (no small feat). The dessert, a homemade cheesecake with a layer of crispy chocolate chip cookie and hand whipped cream, was also ridiculously good. The garden was beautiful, the conversation was vibrant, the wine never stopped flowing and I got to connect with several lovely new friends. Hadar seems skilled enough to adapt her menu/vibe around any situation EatWith presents her with. Her experience definitely lives up to her chosen title. Highly recommend.
שקדJuly 2019
That was an amazing after-noon. Actually the word “amazing” is not good enough to describe how good it was. From the moment Hadar opened the door, and we saw her big smile, smelled the enchanted smell from the kitchen and heard the background music – we knew that we made the right decision. And when the wine was poured and the food came, it felt like knocking on heavens doors. We spent about 3 hours of eating, when every bite was a gastronomic experience. That was without a doubt the best meal I had since I came to Paris. Hadar was an open-heart host, super generous and kind, and of course talented chef. It is an amazing way to spend a delicious after-noon, explore the 13th quarter and eatwith Hadar.

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