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Me and João (best friends) and globetrotters who traveled the world just to realize that our mission should be showcase Portugues food to the world! Here we are :)
Languages: English, Portuguese

What to expect at Jose's place

Joy 🇺🇸2 reviews
October 2021
atmosphere: 5
food: 5
value for money: 5
cleanliness: 5
We had a great time cooking! It was a great way to meet other travelers from around the world.
About the experience Portuguese cooking class for "dummies"! by Jose

Diane A
February 2020
What a fabulous evening! We learned to cook authentic Portuguese cuisine and it was so easy and enjoyable. A fun evening, great experience and a perfect way to end our vacation.Jose and Joao love what they are doing! This is not a job for them but a life of fun and passion -teaching to cook Portuguese.Extremely clean environment and very safe. I would hold any event in there place.You MUST experience this!Hope to see you soon again.

January 2020
Jose and Joao were great teachers and made this such a fun experience. Very professional establishment, we made delicious pastel de nata and they added in a COD dish as well

December 2019
Hands down this has to be the BEST experience ever! Jose and João were amazing. Went there with my husband and brother and law and we met other amazing people as well. The experience itself includes an abundance of wine, tea and food. Do not eat before doing this experience as there is soooo much food. You cook the delicious meal with the guidance and teachings of João or Jose. It’s a super relaxed environment in which you are chatting and drinking wine as you are cooking this delicious food. If I am ever in Lisbon, this will definitely be on my list. I loved every minute of it!