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I was actually born and raised in Italy, but I now consider myself French and have lived in Paris for ten years now. I have always loved the world of food so much that it has become my profession: I organize catering for work and I founded a company that deals with gastronomic tourism in France.

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June 2022
atmosphere: 5
food: 5
value for money: 4
cleanliness: 5
This was a light walk through Montmartre. Our guide bought a variety of cheeses and meat at small shops, then we had an impromptu picnic at a park. The food was excellent, but the picnic was awkward with no where to sit. Immediately after, we went to a sit-down lunch at a small restaurant. Again the food was excellent but we were full after eating a bunch of cheese 20 mins before! Then we walked a little and got crepes. If I had known the itinerary, we would have paced ourselves differently. Guide Eva was great!
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