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CarlOctober 2021
What a lovely menu. Jonathan was great, so was the food that had so many exciting and different elements. I am a huge foody but was very enlightened by the middle east elements especially (I don't have that much experience). As mentioned in previous comments then portions were a good size so I doubt nobody would go home hungry!
IsabelOctober 2021
Absolutely fantastic food, great atmosphere and really enjoyed the "supper club" concept! Got to meet interesting people, try new foods (first time I actually enjoy octopus) and left absolutely stuffed. Might want to skip lunch before this one!
SteveOctober 2021
Incredible evening, the food was amazing had some tastes and textures we've have not had before, we lover the supper club setting and getting to meet chat and eat with other like-minded Eaters. Jonathan was very informative and friendly Great value for money
AimeeOctober 2021
Everything about this experience exceeded our expectations. Jon was the loveliest man, he greeted us on entry and welcomed us which is a new experience as I’ve never had that from a chef in a restaurant. He explained each dish and asked after each course what we thought of it. We all agreed that some of the dishes were some of the best food we’ve ever tasted. Considering it was a full vegan menu and none of us were vegan, it shows how incredible the flavours, the creativity and the overall menu was. I really hope the chef continues and finds his own restaurant to continue, I’ll definitely go again and recommend it to everyone. Thank you.