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My favorite food is all food! I come from a very diverse family where I was constantly surrounded by different cuisines; Southern Soul, Hawaiian, Mexican, Filipino and Italian to be specific (and a little bit of vegan). So I love to cook and eat and eat and cook! I drink vegan wine! Yes there is Vegan wine... So I have achieved one of my biggest life goals of traveling the world. I have been to almost every continent- I want to go to Antartica but do I?? My favorite place to travel is between Tulum, Mexico and Tel Aviv, Israel-Food wise. South Africa is everything and is my favorite place to travel so far. But Tulum had the best, that I know of, vegan friendly experience. I ate so many nopales tacos and Tel Aviv the hummus, you must!! The food in both countries are amazing. Currently I am working on new life goals! Living abroad, going to law school and continue to inspire others through my journey! I hope to see you all at my next event!