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Shake the fridge started when Lluisa came to John´s kitchen in 2019 with a very good homemade tortilla de patatas recipe, which take him directly to Spain, with an important difference - this one was paleo-based made, with sweet potatoes and john wanted to document it! Lluisa brings creativity to everything she does. Thinking on a diet that makes her dishes challenging, awakens her imagination to another level, and creates flavorsome, healthier, raw, and overall fun dishes! Our traditional way of eating and cooking it can be monotonous. By exchanging some ingredients when cooking you might reduce carbs and refine sugars, and still have the same "paladar" pleasure. Why not turn into something that might be beneficial for you and exciting in the kitchen? When you are dedicated and put and intention in your food ( or in anything ), you are giving different energy to it so your body receives it better. Do you want to know more about how to Shake your fridge? Come and try and discover it now!
Languages: Catalan, English, Spanish

What to expect at Lluisa's place

Juan 🇳🇱1 review
December 2020
atmosphere: 5
food: 4
value for money: 4
cleanliness: 5
LLuisa (from Spain) and John (UK) were great hosts. They were very kind, helpful and friendly with us. Their apartment is well located and it has a great atmosphere with good decoration, candles and chill out music. It is a great venue for a romantic dinner (I actually choose it to celebrated my girlfriends' birthday). The food, in general, was abundant and its quality was excellent. The starters were not only delicious but also very varied. The main course was very tasteful and well-cooked. Since the dish was chicken with vegetables, it looked a bit "less exotic or elaborate" in comparison with the starters. The drinks (wine, water, whisky, etc.) were perfect. Despite having only one dessert option, in general the brownie with grapes that we ate was good. The price per person could had been a bit lower but, anyway, it was not unreasonable and actually it was one of the lower prices in the market. In sum, it was a great experience. We totally recommend it!!
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