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Hi! I'm Jessica, a young and dynamic local tour expert. I have always loved sharing the Italian beauties with my family and friends ever since I was a child. That’s why I studied Art History in Rome, and I have been dedicating my time discovering the best hidden spots as well as food delicacies. 2 years ago I set up my new business in traveling experience: Storywalking, a tour operator. Yeah…considering the Pandemic I wasn't lucky but, you know… I’m a determined person and I don’t give up easily: my passion for Italy is stronger than anything else! This is how I came up with the idea of EATales project! Basically, we put together EAT-boxes and deliver them to customers’ door and then, we organize a live streaming tour via zoom together with farmers, to further analyze the product and learn the history behind it. Let's start! Cheers :)