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For years I held classes in my own kitchen in Berkeley and Oakland, but in the last year I’ve brought everything remote, teaching classes to friend groups, families, and corporate teams making homey Japanese-y foods like handmade udon noodles, vegan ramen broth, and vegetable gyoza. As long as I can remember, I’ve always been in the kitchen helping chop veggies or make rice to get dinner on the table. In college I decided to give up meat to reduce my impact on the planet, and also began working at the farmer’s market using the veggies I got each week in the kitchen. That’s when I really learned to embrace seasonal eating realizing vegetables can totally transform their flavor when you eat them at their peak! When I started working full time ‘in the real world’, I found comfort in the kitchen and would go home and make a big meal of my favorite dishes. I quickly learned that most of my friends and colleagues didn’t feel the same way about cooking. I wanted to give them the tools and tips to make cooking approachable, stress-free, and enjoyable. And as a huge fan of the farmer’s market, I wanted them to understand the joys of eating with the seasons. Thus, Seasoned Cook was born in 2018, where I hosted friends in my backyard in Berkeley once a month and we got hands on making a full meal in less than 2 hours and sitting down to enjoy it together. Since then I've brought my workshops virtual and it's been a fun challenge getting to actually cook with people in their home kitchen environments. I've loved bringing my seasonal homey Japanese-y foods and can't wait to reach more people with Eatwith.
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