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My origins go back to Italy (Father) and Spain (Mother). I was born in Pará, neart to Amazonia, a region in Brazil. During my childhood, in the countryside of São Paulo, I spent most of my time watching my Spanish grandmother cooking for days at a time; Fritadas, Putchero, Brazilian Feijoada and many other dishes. Years later, when I became a Banker, I had the opportunity to travel across the world, and try many different restaurants and recipes. Now, after 17 years in Banking, the pandemic decided my destiny, I was made redundant, and I have started my own business cooking for guests at my place in The City of London (London Dock).

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RichardDecember 2021
Felipes superb food was complimented by a relaxed atmosphere shared with other guests around a communal table. What more could you ask for? The evening was to me the essence of the eat with experience. Try it for yourself.