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From Aleppo to Athens: Authentic Syrian cuisine prepared and presented in supper club style. Founded by Syrian native, Mostafa Tellerfadi, this Syrian Supper Club combines many of his favourite foods from Syria, paired with an evening of Syrian music, culture and conversation. Dishes vary Supper club to supper club, but expect Syrian staples such as kibbe, molokhia, and warak enab - alongside sides of better known dishes such as fattoush, hummus, and babaganoush. Culture is weaved into each recipe: Mostafa grew up tasting, testing and trying his hand at creating his mum's recipes, which had been passed down through many generations of family history. These are authentic middle-eastern dishes, served with heritage and lineage. Mostafa invites you to experience true Arab cuisine and, in addition to the food, is excited to share the realty of Syria, its people, and its warm hospitality.
Languages: Arabic, English