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Having managed for more than 35 years the bistro “Creperie of Testaccio”, a well-known bistro/restaurant specialised in crepes and galettes, I gained a great knowledge of international cuisine, the ancient Roman cuisine tradition and of the vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Chef at the National Conference “Young and Anthroposophy” held in the years 2019 and 2020 at the Estate Moncada of Monte Giove in Rome, I currently organizes and teaches numerous cooking courses at the Stenerian School “Janua” of Rome. I have always mantained a great interest in the recovery of the traditional Italian peasant recipies, in the value of cuisine as a means for nourishing the soul and the psychophysical well-being of the guests. For this reason , in my career, I have prioritized the use of quality and genuine raw materials, with a particular focus on the “seasonability” and the “emotional value “of food.
Languages: English, Italian

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