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Nov 25, 2017
Bendur was an excellent host. He is also an excellent chef, and the food was delicious. I have been wanting to visit a gastronomic society for several years now, and this visit didn't disappoint. Bendur also did a great job answering all our questions, and his english is perfect. Visiting the txoko was a great experience, which I can't recommend enough. There were 3 or 4 other club members with their guests there, and they were all friendly and welcoming. Women are allowed to visit as guests. Bendur does all the cooking for your meal. He does a great job of cooking in the kitchen, and also checking in every 5 or 10 minutes with drinks, and to chat for a few minutes before heading back to the kitchen. He said sometimes with larger groups he'll spend more time in the kitchen, and his girlfriend will spend time at the table with his guests. There is nothing like this in the US, and I can't recommend it enough. Thanks Bendur!
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Oct 19, 2017
Overall this is a highly recommended way to spend an evening while in San Sebastián: great food, really fun to be able to experience a "sociedad", and Bendur is an excellent chef & host. He was in no rush but got the meal started as we hung out in the large kitchen talking and learning a bit about these Basque men's food clubs. Bendur also teaches cooking classes and is an accomplished chef, so if you want to learn a bit about Basque dishes and cooking techniques he is happy to oblige. We enjoyed a paced and leisurely multi-course meal over a few hours, starting with the famous "Gilda" pintxo, then on to salads, fish, and steak before concluding with local cheeses for dessert. Also a lot of wine of course! All in all, a most wonderful experience.
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Sep 17, 2017
This was an exceptional experience in San Sebastian that everyone should try and take advantage of. Private dining clubs are a unique Basque tradition and Bendur has made arrangements for his guests to enter into a world most tourists are unfamiliar with. He is a terrific chef and the ingredients and menu that he presents are above and beyond what we were anticipating.
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Jul 26, 2017
Bendur served us a wonderful meal and gave us a great, local experience. He was very friendly and speaks fluent English. He was able to cater to my wife's gluten allergy by substituting gluten-free bread and avoiding certain ingredients from her dishes that may have traces of gluten. This was a rare opportunity to sample a San Sebastian Sociedad experience, and we enjoyed the opportunity to sample many traditional Basque dishes, and especially enjoyed that Bendur explained the ingredients and history that went into the dishes. It was also a great opportunity to converse with a local and get suggestions on places to visit and things to eat while we're in town. This will be an infinitely more memorable experience than just another nice dinner at a restaurant. Highly recommended.
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