As the days get longer and lighter and birdsong fills the morning air again, we all know that Spring has come at last! More than just an exciting indicator for the beginning of Summer, Spring has actually become a prime holiday month in its own right; this is the perfect time for an early sunshine break by the sea, a bustling city break before the streets get too hot, or even a last-chance ski holiday! Whatever type of traveler you are, we can guarantee that April is an ideal month to set off on your adventures!

With Spring in full swing and fewer crowds to battle with, here are the best places to travel to in April.

April hot spots; discover your ideal destination

Paris, France

Kicking off the list is Paris, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love Paris any time of year? In the springtime, the city is full of spring sunshine, trees that are in full blossom and local people strolling the streets with the new-season Breton stripe. Imagine yourself sitting beside the canal Saint-Martin with a drink in hand and the sun on your skin. Sounds like heaven? We think so!

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A visit to France wouldn’t be complete without the food that comes with it! To discover the best of French cuisine for the season, our host Annie in Paris will prepare you a meal of a lifetime using only fresh local produce.

Marrakech, Morocco

You might be thinking that Marrakech is hot all year round and you’d be right, it is in Africa after all! However, in the winter months, temperatures can plummet and as you can imagine, the accommodation isn’t made to keep heat in. That’s why it’s best to visit Marrakech in Spring. You can experience the best of Morocco as the city comes alive with color and the surrounding hills are full of almond blossoms.

Courtyards full of food markets are a big part of Marrakech, so why not skip the crowds for one night and enjoy an authentic Moroccan experience with our host Arianna? Or take a cooking class and enjoy a delicious local dinner!

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Havana, Cuba

Cuba, the place to go for that unspoilt island getaway. If you want to experience some island vibes with a Latin beat, then head to Havana! This place is stunning all year round with Caribbean white sands and turquoise waters, but the temperature is just right in March and April.

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Valletta, Malta

If you’re looking for an early beach holiday or are seeking adventure, you can’t go far wrong with Malta. From the perfect beach weather at the coast where the Mediterranean Sea is warm enough to swim in, to the cool and breezy hillsides that are ideal for hiking, the range of opportunities are endless. Malta is known for its beautiful flowers, so what better time to see them in full bloom than in the greenest month of the year?

If you love food like us, join Marionna & Manfredo in Malta who will take you on a journey of Mediterranean dishes!

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Zermatt, Switzerland

Remember that last-minute ski break that we mentioned earlier? Well, in Zermatt you can make that dream a reality. While things may be hotting up down the coast, in the mountains of Switzerland, there is plenty of snowy adventures to be had. As well as having a different holiday in Spring, it’s also a cheaper time to travel and there are no queues! Sounds like a win-win situation all round.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Another reason to travel in April may not be due to the weather or crowds as is the case with Thailand; the reason to venture to Chiang Mai or Bangkok in the Spring is purely for the Songkran festival! To celebrate the Lunar New Year from the 13th to the 15th April, Thailand engages in a nationwide water fight. Armed with a water pistol or water balloons, enjoy this incredibly fun way to cool off or run for cover!

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If you’re also exploring the islands while in Thailand, don’t miss out on the opportunity for a half day Thai cooking class with Brian in Phuket. Wouldn’t you love to learn how to cook the perfect pad thai?

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While there are many other places that will be perfect to visit in Spring, surely one of these cities have caught your eye? If so, your perfect holiday awaits you in April, with our hosts waiting to give you a unique experience centered around delicious local food. Enjoy!