Full of medieval cities, classical art museums, and alpine villages, France is a country full of culture and history and sophisticated food. Renowned for its wines and diverse range of culinary traditions,  there is simply no way that you can take in everything that France’s food culture has to offer, but it is a delicious journey trying! Whether you’re starting your day off with a warm croissant from the boulangerie, buying fresh ingredients at the local market, or filling up on specialties from a Parisian bistro, you can be sure that you will eat exquisite food wherever you go in France.

Although you may not get around everything, there are local foods in France that you simply cannot leave without trying. With that being said, here are our 8 must try foods in France!

Foods in France, Explore The Taste


Of course, we had to start with the deliciously simply croissant! There is nothing like the smell of fresh bread and pastries when walking down a street in France, so enjoy this local favorite as part of your “petit-déjeuner” and experience it cooked to perfection. Often, the best experiences in life are the most simple, so feast your eyes on the range of French pastries and enjoy this fantastic treat!


Again, a simple yet gorgeous culinary creation: the Croque Monsieur. The perfect ‘snack’ to refuel after a long morning exploring, locals enjoy this delicious sandwich as a quick respite to keep them going for their evening meal. Complete with baked or fried ham and cheese served on a brioche-like bread, we highly recommend adding some mustard to give it a spicy kick!

foods in france

Fois Gras

Calling all luxury foodies, this is one for you to tuck into! Fois Gras is a goose or duck liver that has been fattened intentionally to give it a rich and buttery flavor. Best served on a piece of brioche with a bit of sweet onion or fig jam, this opulent flavor combination is something that just has to be experienced for yourself! A true French delicacy, Fois Gras is one savory dish that you will find on the table at New Years.

Learn to create your own Fois Gras in a local hands-on cooking class. Local chef Oliver will share with you the secrets before you cook and dine on your own creations!

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Even if you’re not the most adventurous culinary explorer, escargot (snails) are really quite amazing. A very traditional and one of the most sophisticated foods in France, the snails are cooked in garlic butter, parsley cream or wine, and are presented in their shells for you to eat with a little pick. The snails are a traditional French dish and are amusing to try for the first time, so just close your eyes and taste! You won’t regret it, that’s for sure!

If you want to live a foodie adventure in other ways, step away from the snails and join a exciting dinner party with local Claudine!

foods in france

Quiche Lorraine

We all know and love the delicacy that is the Quiche Lorraine, but as usual, local foods taste best when they are made at home. One of the most popular foods in France, you can find the traditional quiche in most bakeries or restaurants, and each will be just as exquisite as the next! Although you’ll come across many modern versions, the original quiche is a tart topped with creamy crème fraiche, milk, eggs and nutmeg, and bits of grilled bacon to give it a distinctive smoky flavor.

Taste a home made French quiche at a local’s table and delight in a friendly and convivial atmosphere!

French Oysters

French oysters, renowned for their briny freshness and delicate flavor, are a true culinary treasure. Begin your day at the picturesque Port of Nice with a port-side picnic hosted by the charming Romain. Here, you'll savor these exquisite oysters alongside crusty French bread, a glass of crisp Chardonnay, and savory Pissaladière, a local bread topped with caramelized onions. As you soak up the sun, Romain will share insights into the local fisherman’s life, all while you admire the beautiful boats and the tranquil sea. This oyster tasting experience is a must-do for any seafood lover, perfectly blending local culture, stunning views, and the irresistible taste of French oysters.


Whether savory or sweet, the crêpe is a staple food for the French. You can start the day with the classic French crêpe complete with butter and sugar, have a surprisingly filling ham and egg crêpe for lunch, and you can even have a full blown galette for dinner complete with a tasty nutella crêpe for dessert. Let’s just say, the options are limitless and you could eat them at any time or all day every day! We advise you don’t though, there are so much more foods in France to try without getting sugar overload!

Satisfy your sweet tooth by learning to make other French delicacies such as the French macaron! Perfect the technique with chef Jean-Yves and never go without again!

French Markets

Ending our must-try experiences in Paris with a flourish, we highly recommend a visit to the Saint Charles street market! Stroll through the vibrant market to discover the finest local produce, from fresh fruits and vegetables to exquisite wine and cheese. Indulge in some of the best-cooked hams, delicious meats, and award-winning apple tarts, not to mention delightful small pastries made of meringue and fresh whipped cream.

The shopkeepers will personally introduce their products, making your shopping experience informative and engaging.

Food is of enormous importance to the French, so when you in Paris, Lyon or the French Riviera, make sure to eat exceedingly well and immerse yourself in the layers of French gastronomy! One of the best things about local foods in France is that there is always something new to taste, something new to learn and observe, and something new that will become a part of your life forever!

If your mouth is left watering at the thought of trying these luxurious foods, immerse yourself in the French culture with Eatwith and feast on the local food!