After having discovered Eatwithby chance, Silvia has become one of the most requested Hosts in town. Why we hear you asking? Well, that’s what we are hear to chat to her about. Let’s discover more about her and the magical Spanish capital that she calls home!

Hola Silvia, Nice to meet you. Tell us more about yourself and why you started to Host dinners with Eatwith.

¡Hola! It’s great to meet you too! I have always loved cooking since I was a child and I remember fondly watching my mother cooking and learning her secrets. My dream was actually to open a restaurant! However, since then, my love of cooking has now developed into hosting people at my home.

Since my daughter discovered Eatwith and encouraged me to become a host, I am delighted about hosting people at my home for home cooked dinners. It’s a new way to meet new people from all over the world and cooking for them makes me really happy. It means showing myself as who I am and having people know and remember me by my culinary creations. It’s a very special thing.

It sounds like you really enjoy the authentic Eatwith experience, we love that!

So, talking about your food experiences, what can people expect when they book a seat at your table and why should they do it?

Long story short, they are going to have a great time! My food experiences are a whole new experience that they won’t regret, where they will taste good food, share interests with each other, exchange opinions and have a nice and very fun time! Who wouldn’t want to have an amazing time?

We couldn’t agree more! What has been your best memory when hosting people? 

I have a lot of beautiful memories, but one that particularly stands out is when I hosted four French people who came for dinner and we finished the evening with a karaoke, it was a lot of fun! Like I said though, this is one lovely memory out of many and all of the people I have met have been very special.

Amazing! So apart from making special memories, what advice would you give to someone interested in becoming a Host?

Hmm…I would say, prepare your best menu and remember to decorate the table! Every detail is important to set a good ambiance and make people feel at home.

That is very good advice, thank you!

We have heard that you tend to listen to music when you cook, tell us the song that helps you make delicious creations!

Doing something you like while listening to music is great and music is a great source of inspiration for me when I’m cooking. I would start with “Banana boat song” by Harry Belafonte and then the “Mama Mia” soundtrack by Abba. Of course, “With hands in the dough” by Joaquin Sabina is also a perfect cooking tune… It’s great!

We love that! Lastly, with our local hosts being culture gurus as well as culinary geniuses, what would be your insider tips for activities in Madrid?

I love Madrid, especially my neighbourhood, so you can be sure that you’ll discover something special in every corner of the city.  I suggest you walk around the Barrio de Las Letras, the neighborhood where I live. It’s the perfect place for walking a little before dinner and exploring charming corners or going out to drink in one of the main local bars.

Thank you, Silvia, for chatting with us! If you want to know more about Silvia and her popular food experiences, head to the beautiful city of Madrid and drop by her place. You could even book one of her food experiences on Eatwith now to ensure you get a seat at her table!