Add these magical experiences to your upcoming Italy trip

There’s a reason people keep going back to visit Italy even after seeing all the sights. Because once you see how the locals live (…and eat), let’s face it, you can’t help but crave the lifestyle. Every region has its own unique character, filled with locals that share a passion for maintaining their home’s authenticity. Read on for 4 ways to make your Italy itinerary just a little bit more immersive…

For the midsummer night’s dream you’ve always wanted

A homemade seafood feast in a secret courtyard in Venice, by a local named Massimo. He’s traveled the world from harbor to harbor, and now he’s hosting candlelit dinner parties for a living. Join him for just one evening, and learn the true definition of a hidden gem.

For a taste of life under the Tuscan sun

Momi & Jo live past a few olive groves, next to some vineyards and Renaissance villas, on top of a hill in a small Chianti village overlooking Florence…sound dreamy? Book a seat at their family table, or join them for a countryside cooking course.

For a homemade pasta party with a pair of Roman foodie friends

Giovanna and Cristina are two lifelong friends who are passionate about entertaining — whether at work (in an art museum and a bed and breakfast) or at home in their own hidden kitchens. Together, they share a love for seasonal ingredients and traditional recipes, passed down by their own grandmothers. Join them for an evening of laughter with a side of authentic Roman food you won’t forget.

For a peek into the home of an Italian design journalist, and an evening all in good taste

When she’s not writing menus and hosting dinners in her stunning Milan loft, Valentina is writing design stories for Vogue Italia and travel itineraries for local tourists…now that’s someone we’d want to spend an evening eating with. Join her for a tour of her favorite spots in the city, or for an Italian meal with the perfect Milanese twist.

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