Host Andrzej introduces you to the Thai food you probably never had

Outside of Thailand, when you think of Thai cuisine, you’re likely thinking about the mainstream dishes that come from the central part of the country. In Central Thailand, coconut milk is a staple ingredient. But in Northern Thailand, the landscape is mountainous and forested. Coconut trees don’t grow in the region and the dishes are characterized as more plant-based and earthy.

This is the cuisine New York City host Andrzej wants to introduce to his guests. It’s Thai food like you’ve probably never had, and it’s his favorite to cook. Read on to learn more about Andrzej and what to expect at his Northern Thai Feast or click here to book your seat!

Tell us your foodie story. How did you get into cooking and why is it important to you?

It was actually my mom that got me into cooking. I was born in Poland during the ’80s so food was dull. It wasn’t really a fault of Polish cuisine, which I love, but it had more to do with the political ideology at the time. Eventually, my family moved from Poland to South Africa and food suddenly became extremely exciting! My mom went nuts discovering new fruit, herbs, and spices. She started cooking amazing dishes! She infused me with her excitement for interesting and beautiful ingredients and it’s a passion that stayed with me to this day.

When did you start hosting with Eatwith?

I started hosting in 2018 and now have 4 experiences online.

What is your favorite cuisine and why?

It’s really difficult to pick a favorite cuisine. If I had to narrow it down to one, I would say Northern Thai food! It’s not the Thai food that most of us know. I was first introduced to it in Elmhurst, Queens. I ordered a green papaya salad with salted crab and had one of the spiciest but also the most delicious dishes of my life! Northern Thai food is spicy, funky, earthy and beautiful. At my experiences, I love being able to show people a slightly different side to Thai cuisine.

My favorite dish to make is Nam Khao Tod. This dish uses day old, cooked jasmine rice that is marinated with homemade curry paste. It’s then deep-fried to make savory, delicious rice crispy pops. It’s very versatile and can be served with an assortment of sauces, fresh chilies, lemongrass, sausage, and aromatic herbs. Think of it like a salad where the crispy croutons are the star ingredient.

Tell us about your Eatwith experience. What are you most excited about? Do you have any dinner party rituals?

What excites me most about hosting an Eatwith experience is sharing my love for cooking with others. We live in New York so people don’t really cook much at home. There’s something about a home-cooked meal that you just can’t replicate in a restaurant and it’s that ease and comfort that comes with home-cooking that I try to bring into my experiences. My wife, Lieu, always makes the playlists for our Eatwith dinners and she has a gift for selecting the right music to match the mood. Eatwith is not only about the dishes. It’s also about the experience and music is a big part of that. At the end of the day, we always try to make everyone feel super comfortable. People always say they leave our home feeling like they just went over to a friend’s place.

If you could host a special guest (dead or alive) who would you invite to your table?

If I could invite someone to my table, it would be my grandmother. She stayed in Poland and passed away last year. I would really love to share with her all the awesome flavors that I have encountered throughout my life.

What feeling do you want people to take away after they’ve tasted your cooking?

I want my guests and new friends to leave feeling inspired by the food they’ve just consumed, with full stomachs and big smiles.

Ready to join host Andrzej’s table? Check out his upcoming events here.