A heartwarming #Eatwithlove family tale that will light up your day

It all started with a broken leg…

Debora had been working as a lawyer for years before a serious accident left her with a broken leg. But the bad luck unfortunately didn’t seem to stop there when the anesthesia went terribly wrong during her medical procedure. Debora finally ended up spending 8 months at home and losing all of her clients. Yet despite the hardships and challenges she went through, Debora remained positive and motivated. She decided to overcome adversity by giving herself, as well as her career, a fresh start by hosting social dining events on Eatwith. Meanwhile, Debora’s daughter Fiamma had just graduated from high school. She decided to take a break before pursuing a higher degree in Management and joined Debora on her culinary adventures. Today, this mother-daughter duo in Rome are the ultimate team known for their constantly cheerful smiles as they welcome guests to their cozy home.

The perfect Roman hosts

In an ancient and historical neighborhood up on the top of Janiculum Hill, you’ll find Debora and Fiamma’s home where they turn their elegant living room and lovely terrace with stunning views of the famous Piazza Venezia into the perfect location for unique Eatwith events. They are committed to welcoming their guests to a wonderful setting and offering an exclusive culinary adventure — a combination of authentic traditional cuisine, intimate ambiance, and charming local hosts with countless of tips and stories about the Eternal City. Debora and Fiamma are absolutely passionate about transforming their guests’ experiences into a memory they will cherish forever.

Sharing the Eatwith love!

For Debora and Fiamma, life is all about give and take. These two food-loving hosts throw themselves into creating the best Eatwith experience possible for their guests, and in return, they meet people from around the globe, listen to their individual stories and learn about different cultures. They are particularly interested in couples and their love stories: how they met, how they fell in love, the good times, and the bad. One thing that Debora and Fiamma have learned from all these stories is that destiny definitely plays a part in bringing people together… as does good food!

One of Debora and Fiamma’s favorite stories happened during their blindfolded experience. One of the guests wanted to propose to his girlfriend so he gave Debora a small box with a ring inside to pass to his girlfriend when it was her turn to guess the object. At first, she couldn’t figure it but when she finally opened her eyes, she was overcome with emotion! It was a very touching and romantic moment, and something Debora and Fiamma will never forget. Oh, and the girl said yes, of course!

Family ties bind closer than ever

For Debora, the best thing about hosting with her daughter Fiamma is the teamwork; they understand everything that is going on just with one look. They both have their own roles to play: one of them will stay in the kitchen preparing the food, while the other makes the guests feel welcome at the table, and vice versa. Debora and Fiamma are not only mother and daughter but also best friends, teammates, and one of our top hosts in Rome! Together, they make a perfect team and bring out the best in each other.

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