This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating women from all walks of life

Here at Eatwith, we have tens of thousands of amazing hosts who are part of our Eatwith community, including some prolific female hosts who are paving the way for women in the culinary arts. Our hosts come from all walks of life, from a Japanese home chef whipping up French fusion cuisine to a cookbook author in Los Angeles who draws on her Greek roots. Scroll down to pull up a seat at their tables.

Meet Tomok in Tokyo, Japan

When she was 19, Tomok visited France for the first time and was absolutely blown away by French women: independent, autonomous, outstanding and totally charming; a stark contrast to Japanese women’s situations at the time. That image has stuck with Tomok and is a source of inspiration in her life today. Now back in her native Tokyo, Tomok hopes to share her country’s intricate cuisine and culture by hosting on Eatwith and has met lots of other inspiring women from all over the world.

For Tomok, Eatwith opens the door to opportunities and possibilities which are not yet accessible in her homeland. In Japan, the majority of professional kitchens are still run by men and there are considerably fewer chances for women to become chefs in their own right. Tomok is looking forward to a brighter future for the hospitality industry where talent isn’t limited to gender.

Ready to find out more about Tomok? Book your seat at her Tokyo table here.

Meet Valeria in Naples, Italy

For Valeria, her mother and her never-ending enthusiasm for life is her biggest source of motivation, with Valeria crediting her mother as the person who inspired her to become a chef. From her mother’s traditional recipes to her more modern dishes, Valeria has fond memories of all the delicious meals they shared together, which guests can now savor at her Eatwith experiences. However, it’s not only Valeria’s mother, but also every single woman who has joined her table who inspire Valeria every day and gives her the encouragement to continue doing what she loves.

As a woman, Eatwith empowers Valeria by giving her the opportunity to show that everything is possible when you have the right tools and the right energy. She continues to believe that there is no real difference between men and women in the culinary world and that women are completely capable of excelling in an industry known to be tough and male-dominated.

Book your seat to try Valeria’s delicious Italian delights here.

Meet Christina in Los Angeles, U.S.A

The strongest women Christina has ever known are her grandmothers, who helped her build a solid foundation both in and out of the kitchen. Christina is now a professional chef, cookbook author and journalist based in Los Angeles, California, and became a host on Eatwith to share her love of cooking and Greek cuisine with new people. Thanks to her experiences, Christina has had the opportunity to dine with many other inspiring women — successful doctors, restaurateurs, publicists, publishers… the list goes on!

Christina is happy to be a woman in the culinary industry forging her own way. She strongly believes that women in her field are starting to get the recognition they deserve regardless of who they are. “I hope that trend grows exponentially, and women keep helping other women,” she says.

Eatwith Christina and discover more about her story here.

Meet Francesca in Florence, Italy

Inspired by her love for Italian culture and her passion for its cuisine, Francesca decided to become a host on Eatwith to help spread that enthusiasm to guests from all around the world. She continues to host events because of the positive energy, support and motivation that she receives as part of the Eatwith community.

Aside from hosting Eatwith events, Francesca is writing a book about how cuisine and food plays an indispensable part in cultural integration. She draws on her interactions with each and every guest she invites to her table as material for her upcoming book. Her wish for all the women out there? To do what they love and follow their own path, no matter what. Her motto is simple: “Do not waste your time and try to achieve happiness, it is all about the little things.”

Join Francesca’s table in Florence here.

Meet Linda in New York, U.S.A

For as long as she remembers, Linda has been inspired by her fearless grandmother. Her grandmother’s story is certainly motivating: she overcame the challenges of living in a patriarchal society where women were not expected to accomplish much to become a successful entrepreneur with a thriving business. Linda’s grandmother also raised her, taught her to be independent, and now supports her entrepreneurial spirit. Linda believes she has inherited her courageous spirit from her grandmother, and tries to always support women in the culinary arts to create a future full of more and more women restaurateurs and professionally recognized chefs.

Linda joined Eatwith as a host and takes pride in introducing African cuisine and culture to a new audience. Being a part of the Eatwith community reminds Linda to conquer her fear of coming off as “bossy” or “arrogant”. She has learnt that being confident isn’t the same as being haughty. If she could tell women one thing, it would be: “Don’t be afraid to disturb the status quo.”

Want to taste Linda’s traditional African cuisine in New York?? Book your seat here.

And you? Who is the most inspiring woman you know? Comment below and let us know!