Our hosts tell stories of how their moms inspired their love for cooking.

May is for moms! Whether biological or honorary, at Eatwith we value the role mothers play in making us who we are and inspiring our love for food. Many of our hosts have fond memories of spending time with their moms in the kitchen. To celebrate Mother’s Day, they’re sharing a few stories of how their moms ignited their passion for cooking.

Host Dina – New York, NY

I recently had my mom visit after 7 long years away. She helped me out during one of my dinners and saw me making recipes she taught me. Seeing her smile — it was priceless. I’m so grateful for this awesome community that celebrates women and gives back all the love I give when hosting. This is going be the best mom day I could ever ask for!

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Host Andrzej – New York, NY

It was actually my mom that got me into cooking. I was born in Poland during the ‘80s so food was dull. It wasn’t really a fault of Polish cuisine, which I love, but it had more to do with the political ideology at the time. Eventually, my family moved from Poland to South Africa and food suddenly became extremely exciting! My mom went nuts discovering new fruit, herbs, and spices. She started cooking amazing dishes! She infused me with her excitement for interesting and beautiful ingredients and it’s a passion that stayed with me to this day.

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Host Michela – New York, NY

My mom is why I am what I am now. She taught me every family tradition and secret. She inspired me to be as independent as possible, to follow my dreams and not worry about negative things. My mother taught me to respect each ingredient I use in the name of Mother Nature. She’s the reason I grow my own vegetables in my garden!

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Host Fulvio – Palermo, Italy

Growing up, I used to always stay in the kitchen and watch my mother cook. I try to honor her by keeping all of her recipes alive.

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Host Kristina – Chicago, IL

My mother taught me everything I know about cooking. Some of my earliest and best memories are helping her make eclairs and gyoza.

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Host Afia – Los Angeles, CA

Host Afia with her mom

One of the best memories I have on my mom in the kitchen was on my 10th birthday. My mom asked me to come to the kitchen with her. To my surprise, the table was full of fresh ingredients from our farm – vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, eggs, meat and fish from the Volta River. My mom taught me the technique of cooking with different flavors and how to add herbs and spices to food. It was a very happy day!

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Host Laura – New York, NY

My mother and my two grandmothers have always been an inspiration for my cooking. My mother is an amazing cook and she is super creative. She inspires me to bring more love into the world through our cooking and she has always been great at sharing her passion for food and cooking.

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