Take a break and get a breath of fresh air this summer!

While big city life can be exciting, let’s be honest, sometimes you just need a break from the daily hustle and bustle. Ready for a breath of fresh air? Leave your laptop at home, grab your sunglasses and check your stress at the door – mind-clearing, soul-cleansing downtime is just a short road trip away.

Here are 6 of our favorite summer escapes you’ll want to book asap, if not sooner.

An all-American dinner under the stars

In a beautiful outdoor patio with panoramic views over snow-capped Mount Hood, sit down to a family-style American dinner featuring your host Pamela’s award-winning pies!

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Wine and dine in a Malibu beach house

Food and wine in an incredible private home overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Could it get any better? Lloyd and Eric serve up a lavish wine tasting and delicious 3-course dinner with anywhere from six to nine bottles in a sitting. Plus, you can even bring your own bottle as well!

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Discover a secret gourmet picnic in Tenerife

Experience Tenerife’s nature first-hand as you treat yourself to an  eco-friendly 5-course meal cooked in open air by a professional French chef. Your host Jacques will entertain you with the story behind each dish and its corresponding wine, as well as insider tips to Tenerife and its surrounds.

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Try an artisan bread making workshop in the Barcelona countryside

Learn how to bake bread in the Catalan countryside with this fun cooking class near Barcelona. Your host Liam will teach you all the tips and tricks to making the perfect loaf as you relax under olive trees, with a glass of champagne in hand.

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Discover an al fresco dinner in an 18th century Florence farmhouse

Eat, drink and cook homemade Italian delights in a charming olive garden nestled in the Florentine Hills. This is one of our best cooking classes in Florence – learn how to prepare a 4-course organic, seasonal dinner, drink wine from your hosts Momi and Jo’s friend’s vineyard, and meet new people at their welcoming 8 guest communal table.

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Food and wine tour overlooking Mt Etna

Take in the best views of Etna vineyards on this food tour in the Italian countryside. Kick off the tour with a morning hotel pick-up, then drive through small Sicilian villages where you can see traditional lava stone houses, before heading up Mt Etna and its spectacular scenery. Over the course of 5 hours, you’ll visit a family-run winery, an antique farmhouse and a typical Etna pastry shop.  A food tour in Sicily you won’t want to miss!

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