A vacation is something that we all need every once in a while, but let’s face it: planning, packing and traveling are not always stress-free. But there is one thing that you can do to give yourself a break and experience new sensations at the same time: a staycation!


Exploring the beauty of your hometown on a quick series of day trips is the perfect solution. It doesn’t involve tedious packing or coma-inducing jetlag, it won’t break the bank, and all the while you can still discover new places and take part in diverse activities that you’ve never done before. Maybe you’ll find new foodie neighborhoods just a town away, or you’ll learn how to cook exotic delicacies right in your own city. 

Here are our top reasons to take a staycation!

1. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg

Forget expensive plane tickets and hotel rentals; we’ve got dining events that won’t even make a dent in your savings. Like this amazing paella and sangria dinner with stunning views of Barcelona, for just €36!

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2. Discover new cuisines without having to travel

Are you craving exotic food but don’t have the time or energy to fly half way across the world? With Eatwith you can discover new cuisines without even having to travel! Like this Southern Persian pop-up dinner for those of you in San Francisco.

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3. Explore your hometown

How many times have you meant to explore the iconic locations in your own city, but never had the time? Now’s your chance to finally explore your city with fresh eyes. If you’re a native New Yorker, you can finally check out this sous-vide steak dinner with killer views of Times Square.

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4. Learn how to cook your favorite local delicacies

Do you want to learn how to cook traditional specialities from your own country? Are you looking for the perfect recipe for a classic dish? We have hosts that are ready to share their family’s secret recipes with you! If you’re in Tel Aviv, don’t miss Keren’s Mediterranean pastry class that’s full of local classics like Challah and Rugalech cake.

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5. Explore hidden foodie neighborhoods

You won’t believe how many exciting foodie neighborhoods are hiding in plain sight. Let our local hosts take you on personalized market tours and food walks and show you all the hidden gems. This Aligre market tour and tasting with Natasha is a great opportunity for Parisians to (re)discover this famous food market on a guided tour. 

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6. Enjoy a meal in an extraordinary venue

Our hosts have a variety of stunning locations and unique venues to welcome you. Dine in a London tube, on a Barcelona rooftop with a view, in a NYC brownstone or in a vineyard in Italy. You won’t believe that you haven’t even left your city! If you’re in London, don’t miss your chance to dine in an amazing art gallery.

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The other added advantage of doing an Eatwith on your staycation? You might even make a new foodie friend who lives right near you. And as we all know, people who love to eat are the best people!

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