Put on an apron, roll up your sleeves and channel your inner chef at 5 of our top cooking classes in the States.

If you’re really looking to immerse yourself in a new city, go beyond eating like a local – you can cook like one too! Cooking classes while traveling are a perfect way to learn something new while meeting local hosts and other travelers. Not only will you get the inside scoop on different cuisines, you’ll bring home the best souvenir… A new skill you can impress your friends and family with!

Ready to take on the kitchen? Here’s a roundup of five cooking classes to check out.

1. Carol’s Dumpling Class in New York, NY

Don’t feel like navigating around New York City’s Chinatown to find the perfect, steamy plate of dumplings made from scratch? Learn how to make them yourself with host Carol’s Chinese dumpling cooking class in Brooklyn. She’ll guide you through every step of making her family’s signature dumpling recipe. During this interactive 2-hour class, you’ll learn how to make dumpling dough, mix the filling, pleat like a pro, and check out one of the coolest neighborhoods in New York.

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2. Roe’s Sourdough Bread Making Course in Los Angeles, CA

See why host Roe’s class was deemed “Best Things to do In Los Angeles in 2018” by Los Angeles Magazine. That is right! Nestled in Silver Lake –  one of the most exciting neighborhoods in the east side of Los Angeles – you’ll learn how to bake freshly-milled sourdough. This hands-on course teaches you all about the milling process – from seed to table. From selecting and milling grains to mixing the dough to baking and enjoying your creation, this baking class will give the tools, knowledge, confidence, and inspiration to keep baking bread!

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3. Carla’s Paella & Fideua Class in Chicago, IL

Paellea and Fideua are two of the most famous Spanish dishes, but at Michelin-trained and Eatwith host Carla’s cooking class, you’ll learn how to make these one-pot meals with a Chicago twist! These dishes are designed for sharing and bringing people together – exactly what you can expect at Carla’s experience. You’ll gather around large cooking pans as Carla teaches you about the origins of these rice-based dishes and how you can customize and make them on your own. After all your preparation, you’ll get to indulge in the fruits of your labor in the comfort of Chicago hospitality.

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4. Kareem’s BBQ Grilling Workshop in Austin, TX

Nothing says Texas more than a belly full of delicious BBQ! But that tasty, flavorful and comforting meal doesn’t have to be limited to Texas. At host Kareem’s cooking class in Austin, not only will you feast on mouth-watering BBQ, you’ll also learn how to prepare and cook the perfect steak – both on the grill and stove. By the end of the class, you’ll know more about the  different cuts of steak and where they come from, and have more insight into the science behind the cooking and grilling process.

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5. James’ Neapolitan Pizza Night in San Francisco, CA

Take pizza night to the next level with host James in San Francisco’s historic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. At this interactive and hands-on cooking class you’ll learn the ins and outs of how to make the perfect Neapolitan pizza using locally sourced ingredients. Plus, he’ll share his secrets on how to make the perfect pizza dough!

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