A trip to Ubud isn’t complete without getting a taste of traditional Balinese cuisine. If you’re looking for things to do in Ubud, don’t miss this amazing cooking class with Rakesh and her family!

Exotic Balinese cuisine is based on an aromatic array of fresh, tropical island spices paired with an incredible variety of delicious local vegetables, meat and fish. Traditionally, Balinese dishes used to be dedicated to the Gods, and today the recipes are very closely connected to the culture, community and Balinese way of life. 

If you’re traveling to Ubud and are on the lookout for authentic Balinese cuisine, or if you’re a food lover who wants to learn how to make these flavorful recipes yourself, be sure to book a cooking class with Rakesh and her family for an unparalleled immersion in local life and food culture. 

How did you get into cooking and why is it important to you? And when did you start hosting with Eatwith?

My name is Rakesh and I’m a true Balinese. Together with my family, I’ve been organizing local experiences for travelers visiting Bali for the past few years. About 3 years ago we started hosting cooking classes on Eatwith. The reason behind it is very simple: we are deeply passionate about Balinese cuisine and culture, so we wanted to spread our love and share the secrets of our authentic cuisine with anyone and everyone who sets foot in the Land of the Gods. 

Who is your culinary inspiration and why?

My mother is an endless source of inspiration for me, not only in cooking but also in life. My childhood was filled with memories of us cooking together and the kitchen was always full of love and laughter. Every single dish she made was lovingly prepared and pampered with attention. The menu that we’ve created for our Eatwith cooking class was inspired by my mom’s recipes.

Let’s talk about your favorite food. What is your favorite cuisine and what is your favorite dish to eat or make?

Without a doubt, my favorite cuisine is definitely Balinese, using traditional ingredients and methods of preparation. Most of the common Balinese dishes are named according to their main ingredient and their description, such as the cooking method. My favorite dishes to cook are sate lilit, minced chicken grilled inside bamboo skewers served with a spicy dipping sauce, and tempe manis, a soybean cake with a delicious coating of spicy sweet soy sauce.

What can guests expect from your Balinese cooking class? 

Your day starts early at the Ubud market, where you can select a variety of herbs and spices, fresh vegetables and meat. You can also chat with local producers and learn a lot about local life. Upon your return to the village, you’ll be warmly welcomed into my Balinese home with a breathtaking view, and you’ll get to know my family before fully becoming a part of it. 

The cooking class is in English and is taught by Balinese chefs who’ll help you learn how to cook your very own delicious, authentic Balinese dishes. After the class, sit down in our garden and savor your homemade delicacies while chatting and making new friends from all over the world

This authentic Balinese cooking experience is sure to make memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

If you’re traveling to Bali, make sure to book Rakesh’s market tour and cooking class here!