Looking for the best gyro in Greece? Wondering where to find the perfect Greek salad? Don’t know what ‘fava’ is?

Here are the 10 classic Greek foods that you absolutely have to try, whether you’re exploring Athens, island-hopping through the Cyclades or trekking through the Peloponnese.

Greek Salad, or ‘Horiatiki’

‘Horiatiki’ salad to the locals, traditional Greek salad is made with tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, feta, onions and olives. Nafsika makes an amazing version of this classic Greek dish at her dinner in Agia Paraskevi, Athens.


‘Spanakopita’ is a traditional Greek spinach pie. Made with either pie crust or phyllo dough, it can be stuffed with a combination of spinach, wild greens, feta cheese, eggs or even leeks. Craving some already? Don’t miss Giannis and Konstantinos’ delectable version at their Greek feast with a panoramic view of Athens!


Halva is a dessert that’s made with semolina and is similar to a pudding in texture. It’s usually flavored with cinnamon, honey or orange. Michail makes an excellent example of this traditional dessert at his rooftop dinner in Athens!


‘Tiganites’ are a type of sweet Greek donut, similar to ‘Loukoumades’ and other types of fried, sweet dough that you can find around the world. Don’t miss Alberto’s version with chocolate sauce at his Greek brunch in Athens.


‘Fava’ is a traditional ‘mezze’ that’s made from boiled, pureed yellow split peas. It’s usually topped with olive oil and fresh onions, and host Niki serves it with spicy local sausage at her local dinner surrounded by olive trees on the picturesque island of Zakynthos.


The Greek version of lasagna called ‘Pastitsio’ is a casserole with pasta, minced meat, bechamel and grated cheese, all baked together to create a melt-in-your-mouth dish. Check out Yannis’ beautiful version at his lunch under the trees in Nea Filadelfia. 

Cretan ‘Dakos’

Picture this: a Barley rusk, topped with grated fresh tomatoes and feta, drizzled in extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with oregano. You’ll find this Cretan speciality at Giannis and Konstantinos’ dinner featuring 10 Greek dishes and an Acropolis view!

‘Souvlaki’ or ‘Gyro’

Let Marina take you on an evening food walk through Athens and introduce you to the country’s favorite street food: ‘souvlaki’. Also known as a ‘gyro’, this local speciality includes grilled meat, French fries, tzatziki and salad, rolled up in toasted pita bread that’s been brushed with olive oil.


‘Kontosouvli’ is marinated pork that’s grilled on a spit until it reaches caramelized, juicy perfection. It’s served with an assortment of pita bread, salads and mezze and is usually one of the many meat dishes featured on a mixed grilled platter. If you want to taste a homemade version, then Olga-Maria’s recipe is not to be missed at her dinner with a beautiful view of Athens.


These stuffed grape leaves can be found all over the Mediterranean, and are usually either steamed in a fragrant broth or simply drizzled in olive oil. Learn how to make ‘dolmades’ and other typical Greek mezze at Marilena’s mezzedes cooking class in Monastiraki, Athens.